Homosexuality: Three Christian Views

In recent reading about homosexuality I have, for the most part, come across three different views in the Christian literature.

View 1: Same-Sex Attraction is Sinful

Summary: This view argues that same-sex attraction/desire/arousal is inherently sinful or, at least, a symptom of sin.
Focus: Arousal
Spiritual Formation Directive: To reduce and eliminate the same-sex arousal and to replace it with heterosexual desire.
View 2: Homosexual Behavior is Sinful
Summary: This view expresses, generally speaking, indifference about same-sex arousal and focuses, instead, upon behavior. That is, same-sex arousal might be "genetic" or "natural" to some degree and, thus, relatively "fixed." Regardless, acting upon that desire is sinful.
Focus: Behavior
Spiritual Formation Directive: Support lifelong abstinence.
View 3: Sexual Promiscuity (Homo- or Heterosexual) is Sinful
Summary: The root problem is promiscuity, the cheapening of human sexuality. Sexual behavior (homo- or heterosexual) should only occur within a lifelong, covenanted and monogamous relationship.
Focus: Relational fidelity
Spiritual Formation Directive: Support covenant faithfulness

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