"I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting."

I found this testimony by Fort Worth City Councilman, Joel Burns, to be profoundly moving. And the fact that it occurred in Texas is stunning to me.

Insofar as the Christian community has created a culture where gay children commit suicide because of teen bullying...well, God have mercy upon our souls.

(H/T The Daily Dish)

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6 thoughts on “"I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting."”

  1. I read recently in a poll that the first thing people think of when the word "Christian" is said is "anti-gay". Indeed, God have mercy on us all.

  2. I lost a gay friend to aids in the 70s, another to suicide in the 80s. A high school friend - female - became indiscriminately promiscuous for a time in an attempt to find a spark with a man. A straight friend who chose to support a Christian ministry to gays was told to stop or the elders of his church would disfellowship him...he, in fact, disfellowshipped them. I know of families who will not acknowledge adult children who are gay and on, and on, and on....these are Christians all...

    I believe in Jesus, but I'm not sure I believe in Christianity.....

  3. As painful as it is to talk about it, I'm just really glad that bullying is finally ... finally being addressed in the public forums. No matter what excuse bullies use for tormenting others, it's time for them to be called out and held accountable.
    The way bullying used to be handled was to tell the bullied person, "If you just don't let it get to you, they won't enjoy doing it so much." Yeah, like that really worked.

  4. Hmmm...not quite what I meant. I agree that we should lament the loss of these young lives and the promise they held. And, introspection in regards to our possible contribution to a culture of bullying is definitely appropriate.

    But, I disagree that Christianity is responsible (i.e. causal) to these events...which I inferred from replies to Dr. Beck's original post.

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