At the Boundary of Holy and Unclean: The Church, Lady Gaga and the Little Monsters

Since I talked about monsters yesterday, and that we are inching toward Halloween, I thought we could revisit my theological reflections about Lady Gaga and her "little monsters."

Plus, it's timely in that Lady Gaga is about to release a new album.

In 2011 I wrote a post entitled The Gospel According to Lady Gaga, which has been one of the more popular posts I've written. I've seen lots of preachers use that post for sermons and youth pastors for classes.

Lady Gaga may be an odd location for theological reflection, but the prompt for my post was the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer, who was gay and who had faced prolonged bullying because of his sexuality.

Prior to his suicide, Jamey had filmed an "It Gets Better" video in which he described himself as one of Lady Gaga's "little monsters," a term of affection Lady Gaga uses for her fans. The point I was making in my post is that kids who feel like "monsters"--the freaks, weirdos, misfits, deviants and outcasts--are drawn to Lady Gaga because of her affection for them, in a way these kids don't feel attracted to the church.

And what is strange about this is how Jesus was a minstrel for the little monsters of his day--the freaks, weirdos, misfits, deviants and outcasts.

In my post I used work from my book Unclean (with a dash of Girardian scapegoat theory) to deconstruct Gaga's "little monsters" to point out how religious institutions--in Jesus's time and in our own--continue to scapegoat outsiders. I use Lady Gaga to raise an indictment and challenge for the church.

The "little monsters" should feel affection from the church.

And if you don't have the time to read that post, a fan of Lady Gaga took a quote from it and posted it on a Gaga fan page.

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