Getting Started and Working Assumptions

Why a blog?

Well, I've always wanted to write a book. But, currently at least, I don't think my ideas on how theology can and should confront the human sciences add up to create a coherent account. Mostly, I have a great deal of random thoughts that are sprinkled across my research publications, a book draft, my lecture notes, my Sunday School lessons (for the Sojourners adult bible class at the Highland Church of Christ), and e-mails I have written to friends and colleagues. I think that all these pieces could add up to a systematic account. But I'm not sure. So, I'm going to be using this blog to organize my thoughts to see where it all might lead.

I don't expect a lot of traffic on this blog, but if you are here, welcome.

In my attempt to integrate psychology and theology, I'm working from two main assumptions:

1.) Current theological formulations have failed to deal directly with human nature. That is, most theological accounts tend to work with an ancient and scientifically out-dated view of humanity, one based in both dualism and a radical vision of human agency (i.e., free will). Further, current theological formulations frequently fail to provide theological tools regarding the "stuff of life" (e.g., my students and I often stumble across some human trait or inclination, but we often fail to find theological support for how to think about this facet of our nature).

2.) A psychologically responsible theology, therefore, will involve a radical reconfiguration of theology. This blog will attempt that reconfiguration.

Given recent events on the ACU campus, we'll start with the theology and psychology of human sexuality.

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4 thoughts on “Getting Started and Working Assumptions”

  1. I'm subscribing. (I didn't start with this post, but have proked back to it!) I like the clear style, and having done psychology for my first degree find the approach really interesting.

  2. I just discovered your blog and only started to read to your thoughts, but I appreciate it already very much!!! It seems that we have similar goals. At the moment I´m working at the University of Bremen doing a PhD-Program in educational research. There I am focussing questions of learning (more specific: attitudes and contexts of learning), (inter)subjectivity, identity, recognition and power. Before that I have studied sociology, paedagogics and philosophy at the University of Muenster. I see it also as my 'task' to integrate my viewpoint as a christian and my insights from different perspectives of science. It´s always great and very helpful to meet people like you! Thank you for offering your thoughts!

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