Pro-Life or Anti-Sex?

A thought...

It seems to me that most Pro-Life people I know really aren't Pro-Life at all. They are, rather, Anti-Sex. That is, the abortion debate is often just a cover to wage war on the sexual revolution and the Dawn of the Pill. What many Pro-Life people are angry about is the casual sexuality of our age, an era of "abortion on demand." Pro-Life advocacy, then, is often (consciously or unconsciously) really a way to get sexually promiscuous people to face the "consequences" of sexual activity. The focus on life is often cover for Puritanical worries about sexuality in modern America.

Why do I draw this conclusion? Because most Pro-Life people I know are only Pro-Life in this one area, and only in this one area. They are not, generally speaking, consistently Pro-Life. For example, most Pro-Life people are...

...not Pro-Life when it comes to gun control.

...not Pro-Life when it comes to preemptive war.

...not Pro-Life when it comes to capital punishment.

...not Pro-Life when it comes to global malnourishment.

...not Pro-Life when it comes to universal health care.

...not Pro-Life when it comes to entitlement programs for the women and children of the working poor (to remove the economic incentives for abortion).

...not Pro-Life in promoting condom usage to prevent teenage pregnancy or AIDS in developing nations.
In short, the only thing many conservatives are Pro-Life about is, well, abortion. Which, incidentally, is the only thing on the list that's about regulating sexual behavior.

Which kind of makes you wonder...

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18 thoughts on “Pro-Life or Anti-Sex?”

  1. I HAD to put this on Portland OR. Craigslist Rants and Raves.

    Lets see where it goes! heheh

    Thanks and Peace
    Rev. R. Twig Jones

  2. Probably because the vast majority of late term abortions are for medical reasons, such as the baby would have been born without lungs, or a heart, or in cases where the pregnancy was literally killing the mother (which would end up in both baby and mother dead).
    And what is makeing abortions happen later and later? Pro life folks throwing more and more red tape and guilting strategies at pregnant women looking to have an abortion.

  3. The whole ‘killing a baby issue’, is ignoring for a moment the fact that the aborted fetus/baby/stemcell isn’t self aware or even considered an organism until it can support its self without the mother’s body. But ignoring that, this debate always comes down to this: the divergent interests of two people in one body, and who ‘owns’ the body. On this I’ll always side with the woman. After all, you can kill a burglar to save your flatscren tv, you aren’t legally bound to give any of your organs/bone marrow to a dieing child, hell, a DEAD person who isn’t an organ donar has more bodily autonomy then women in this country, there isn’t a national debate/outcry protest every time a corpse full of organs that could save several lives is buried in the damn ground.

    To me, that is just freaking sad.

  4. I'm pro-life on all accounts :) I'm all for sexual liberation as long as you use the responsible and safe methods to prevent unplanned pregnancies and diseases. Condoms, spermicides, and any other method that you like that works for you. I DO feel however, that if you are an intelligent human being who chooses to have unprotected sex, you gave up your right to choose abortion. In cases of rape or incest, I totally can't possibly judge the decisions of those victims. The women I have a problem with are the ones who use abortion as birth control.

  5. Amazing - "If you can read this - Your Mom Was Pro Life!" For you dimwits morons - your alive, so hence Pro Life. If you can't read this because your mom was Pro Executioner, then your mom was Pro Death!

    Now since 1973 you F'tard liberals have been aborting Liberals at an alarming rate - that is your right. Your want to murder babies - hell, you are and have been and you passed a law to make that possible.

    Now here is the most amazing part about you sickos. You make up sh@t comics like that implying that YOUR rights are being violated, you straight out lie that Christians or other Americans are denying you of your rights and trying to force their beliefs on you and you come up with long moronic justifications to support this Straw Man theory in the Name of Freedom of Rights and how Wrong it is to force your beliefs on others.

    Now this is not about whether it is right or wrong. No, this is so you can shove your Agenda on others - You passed and supported laws so shove your Sex Life down others throats and make them pay for you abortions. Why? Because you are sick like that. You talk a lot of sh@t about Freedoms being denied while denying others of their freedom. Oh, it sounds good. You package it all up and make it oh so nice so other sickos can chime in - all the while supporting your sick oppressive agenda of making other pay for you abortions because you lack all sense of responsibility. I had one of you sickos go - well, an "Abortion is cheaper than raising a kid - so we are saving you money. And think of the Unwanted Kid - think of how their life's would be so they are better off dead." Well, birth control is cheaper than an abortion and being responsible is even cheaper.

    But again - you sickos love to shove your agenda's on others and take their money all the while bashing those that think life is Precious.

    "Life is more precious than the events that occur in life."

    So, keep up the your good work of shoving your agenda on others all in the Name of Your Freedom over others...then declare how much better you are than others cause you practice freedom of rights. (If that sounded moronic - no sh@t - that is what you sound like. A moron.)

    Oh, and for you moronic liberals - I'm not Christian or Republican, but you are sickos who shove you agendas on other people. Cause your sick like that, but don't worry it's all good. if I'm going to pay for some stupid idiot's abortion and dragged into their sex life - I'm going to push that they both be neutered. I can make up an agenda too and since I am paying for it - I will have a say in it.

  6. Drinthehouse- have you compared the number of abortions to the number of miscarriages? They're about even. Miscarriages would number more were it not for medical science.

    With this many miscarriages (and birth defects) I'm wondering why you aren't including God as an object of your rant?

  7. Richard this is a brilliant observation and is communicated even better. You laid the facts out and opened our eyes to them. The down side is now you've laid yourself out to those who don't like facts and would rather cut out the messenger.

  8. There are many things wrong with your argument. The bissgest one is when it compares prolife with gun control. This makes absolutly no sence, for gun control has nothing to do with pro life or abortion at all. Why? Because guns don't kill people. People kill people with guns, knives, etc. So should we have knife control? Ok then lets throw away all our butter knives then. Again, your argument with gun control does not make sence. Also, for capital Punishment and the war issue, It again has nothing to do with prolife or abortion. Those who go through abortion and those who are for it are ignorant of what that fetus will become when it grows into a child and later into an adult. That fetus is growing, just like a child, and has its own set of DNA, so it is a different and unique individual. Therefor, you are ignorant of this. Abortion kills that unique individual, that human being who has just started to grow. And to your last statement about the use of contraceptives, your views are very false. There are many people who believe that with the use of contraceptives we can eliminate abortion all together. And if there is a case, such as a rape, where the mother does not want her child, then she should give it up for adoption. Not Kill It. Contraceptives, such as condoms, also help prevent the spread of sexual disease. Your other topics have so many things that have nothing to do with pro life or abortion so I believe I dont need to get into this any further. Your argument has no basis and makes no sence.

  9. Apples and oranges- miscarriages happen naturally, while abortions are elective. And I'm talking about abortions that do not involve the health of the mother here (>90%).

    Everyone dies of something at some point, Mike. Let's not hasten it's coming just because it may be convenient. And let's not make murder legal because people die anyway.

  10. I'm sorry, but this is a hasty generalization, a quite biased one too.

    I am pro life person, and I am against gun, war, hunger, and disease (if they can be stopped they should).

    What a shame that people just can't keep their heads cool with out spewing meaningless bias such as this post when it comes to abortion....

    I am for abortion in the cases of danger to mother, incurable deformities, and to some extent rape victims (they should definitely have choice to terminate their pregnancy, but I think it is noble act to give birth regardless).

    But the truth is, many abortion happen because some stupid couple decided to ignore universal law of cause and effect and charge into lust with out second thought, in that case, abortion is mockery to the principle of cause and consequence.

    once we start letting those stupid couples get away with their mistakes... why not look over any other misdeed too?

    oops I killed a man, my bad, can I get a (legal)surgery and move on?

  11. let me mock your post using the same logical fallacy you used.


    ... not Pro-choice when it comes to murder
    ... not Pro-choice when it comes to personal properties
    ... not Pro-choice when it comes to stealing


    you get the point

    Of course people are incredibly Pro-choice about doing nothing and getting paid by the government through welfare money.


  12. OMG! Be thankful you have this web site that publishes your articles because you are a certifiable DOPE!

    ...not Pro-Life when it comes to gun control.
    **That's about government and the constitution, genius! Take a look at Amendment 2 - Right to Bear Arms. Ratified in 1791.

    ...not Pro-Life when it comes to preemptive war.
    **If we're saving the lives of millions???????????

    ...not Pro-Life when it comes to capital punishment.
    I know many, many people (like myself) who wholeheartedly disagree with capital punishment.

    ...not Pro-Life when it comes to global malnourishment.
    what the hell are you talking about?? Please stop smoking hash.

    ...not Pro-Life when it comes to universal health care.
    No, no, no - pin head!! It has nothing to do with not caring for people, BUT IT DOES have to do with the fact that NOTHING OUR GOVERNMENT DOES, WORKS!! I agree that our health-care system is a disaster - BUT YOU AIN'T GONNA FIX IT BY GIVING IT AWAY!!!!!!!!

  13. Pro-Life when it comes to Gun Control? Gun Control is a socialist idea, intended to control the populace by removing their right to protect themselves with deadly force if necessary. It is the disarmed populace that then becomes food for the wolves, as history has shown time and time again (recent example: the Jews in Hitler's Europe. Read up on it, genius). The good Christian founding fathers of this country saw it as a right bestowed by God, and it was penned into law as the Second Amendment, and that right has been secured by the blood of thousands of bold patriots, real men, among whom the likes of you will never be counted.

    And "Anti-Sex"? Your post overflows with such folly and masturbatory pseudo-intellectualism, that I barely know where to begin.

    God designed sex, but in His holy Word He clearly defines the rightful use thereof, beginning with Adam and Eve. Fornication is sex outside of marriage, and is destructive and harmful to all who participate, as well as evil in God's eyes. The man has no dominion over his household, the woman has no stability or security, and the children are left essentially fatherless and open prey to the men the woman will bring into the household. The numbers of children from broken families and single-parent homes who suffer sexual and physical abuse is so heart-wrenchingly staggering, that only the biggest fool would laud it as commendable. God's ways are perfect.

    Abortion is worse still. The child is brutally murdered whilst inside what God had created to be its safest dwelling, left with no chance at life, save by a miracle, such as was the case with abortion survivor Gianna Jessen.

    "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:" Matthew 15:19

    It is because of such evil as fornication that the murder of abortion plagues our nation. These "Pro-Lifers" decrying abortion and fornication, do right by God and His Law, and God's will I pray they bring many to repentance by their faithful words, as I know they have, and I count myself blessed to be among them, unworthy as I am.

    As for you, your words betray you as the compromised and effeminate, false "Christian" that you are. You who side with the world, rather than with God and His Law, know this: God has no need of men such as yourself, and will vomit you out. May you fade into obscurity forever, and may you not tarnish the name of Christ any further by your words which drip of love for this world, and disdain for the Law of the Lord who created you.

  14. um excuse me i dont want to be rude but ARE U NUTS!!!!!!!!!!! ok im not sure what gun control is but i can tell ya this mr.beck preemptive war is something that has saved this country numerous times in the past. im not saying i like war in fact i hate it but the thing is sometimes we have to fight for our freedom and the freedom of others as well as safety. numero dose! capital punishment is not something that should be taken lightly at all in fact it should be used in only the most EXTREME CASES i certainly am not a fan of it but if the safety of others is at stake as with such people that are serial killers, brutal homicidals, cannibals, those are the kinds of people that the death sentence applies to im not saying all, only if its for the utter most reason for keeping others safe in a way that cant happen if they go on living. #3! i wonder what ur doing about the problem of global malnourishment mr.beck, because it can be stopped or at least helped, its not being not pro-life when there's hunger in the world, our duty is to try to help by donating money time and effort if we all stopped bein so stingy and would quit diggin our hands in out pockets to try to save our money and just give it to those who need it this whole crisis could be either greatly reduced or solved in the next few years, i have to say the catholic church is the largest charitable organization in the world as well as other christian denominations, many with other religions and even those without religions so i dont know where ur point is, and i find it very disrespectful and yes just right out rude that u take absolutely no notice of it! #4 when it comes to defense of human life whether personal or economic there should be no compromise there should not be any incentive to kill your own child. tell me, if someone told u to kill ur son or daughter because of the economy would u do it? how so much more for a defenseless child in the womb no there should not be any incentive for it, nor should there be any avocation for it or anything else, in fact an abortion should not be necessary no matter what the parents means although these programs would be both helpful and beneficial. #5 the only real way to prevent teenage pregnancy or the spread of aids and other stds (which by the way a condom is completely useless as protection against) is the promotion of chastity i mean what better way to get rid of the problem that to take away the thing that creates the problem, promiscuity & sex outside of marriage, these are the things that have come about since the the sexual revolution and the rise of the pill, more girls are taken advantage of, sexual responsibility is all but gone, women are under attack, stds have both come into existence and cases have risen of which none have cures and few have treatments, teenage pregnancy is on the rise and so is abortion, 98% of the time contraception regimens fail anyway which is why abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood give them out for free so they can get the girls in for an abortion when it does fail and families have fallen apart! anything else mr.beck? and when i get some info i will come talk to u about the other two topics that i missed due to lac of knowledge in those areas. Thank you for your time and your space Mr.Beck and i hope i can see what you will wright next time I'm sure it will be as amusing as this was. and although quite off topic i should let it be known to both u and anyone else who might read this page that every family on earth can have a house and a yard and live quite comfortably on a landmass the size of Texas! so hey guess what overpopulation is a myth. Anyways farewell Mr.Beck u can look forward to hearing from me again.

  15. As a pro-lifer, I can tell you what I stand for. But I first must agree with the contradictions of many conservatives who are pro-gun, pro-war, and especially pro-death penalty. You are right. It just does not make sense. Life is life is life. The only one who gives it is God and the only one who should take it is God.

    I believe that this issue needs to be addressed proactively in schools with sex education and most importantly life skills, coping skills, and esteem-building for teenagers. Yes, it is true that the lack of facing consequences is a societal evil and that no one takes responsibility for their actions any longer. But when it comes to abortion, I, as a pro-life advocate, do not care whether someone has promiscuous sex or gets away with something and doesn't have to pay the consequences.

    The issue is that this is a life, a human being. I am educated on the facts that this life can feel pain and have memories. Whether this life is planned on, wanted, or just rather inconvenient is irrelevant. It is a life. I compare it to the shootings at Columbine sometimes. This kid was being bullied and the ones bullying him were inconvenient to his life and so he decided to extinguish the problem. No coping skills, no dealing with a difficult situation, no learning from it. Quick, easy 'fix.'

    I will not provide you with the details of what happens in an abortion as I do not want to disgust you or remind myself of the disgust. But if you are to have an opinion, I suggest you educate yourself and look at some pictures of the 'mass of cells' after they are 'extinguished.' There is a reason that Roe, of Roe v. Wade, is now active in the pro-life movement. Because she learned the facts and was no longer blind-sided by liberal notions of the government trying to rule 'her' body, but the goal being to protect another's.

    With the availability of contraceptions today, pregnancy is very preventable. And women do have a choice - you choose to have sex and you choose to use contraceptives or not. Taking a life should not be an acceptable form of birth control.

    A note of interest, according to Planned Parenthood, 60% of abortions are provided to white Protestant women with income levels at $50,000 and higher. 1% are due to rape. It is good yet moot effort as I consistently hear that as the first line of defense from pro-abortionists.

    The notion that it is about regulating sexual behavior is one I have never heard before. The "church" being against contraception, yes, probably their agenda. But not the position of those who are truly Pro-Life.

    Thank you for sharing your opinion and I wish you the best of luck with your blog.


    Catherine Sliman

  16. if you really want to know what goes on regarding late-term abortion look up Kermit Gosnell from Philadelphia.

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