For those of you interested in this conservation, particularly those from the Churches of Christ, I wanted to point you to three different online zines about the experiences of being gay on a conservative Christian campus.

Of interest to the Church of Christ folks is that these three zines are from our campuses.

The State of the Gay appeared last year on the Harding University campus.

Paper Clips Press appeared last week on the Freed-Hardeman campus.

Voiceless appeared yesterday on the Abilene Christian University campus.
Last night I was honored, along with other ACU students, alumni, faculty and staff, to be a part of an evening where many of the authors of Voiceless read their stories publicly. The readings were, by turns, poignant, indicting, sad, courageous, and inspiring.

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10 thoughts on “Voiceless”

  1. There are plenty of inclusive colleges for the gay
    community.  Nothing like the intolerance of tolerance.  Good job Dr. Beck.  You are getting what you want @ ACU.

  2. To be clear, ACU is no oasis for gay students. Though I think we do a lot better than other conservative Christian campuses.

    In many ways, ACU is caught in the middle. From the left we get pressure for not being affirming enough and from the right we get pressure for being too affirming. It's a weird dynamic.

  3. Rob, please forgive me if I misinterpret your comments, but you sound sarcastic and cynical. Which side of the bed did you crawl out of?

  4. The preacher where I used to be a member wrote a book entitled "the Lepers among Us" which provocitave title can be easily misleading as the book excoriates most churches for their atmospheres of unloving, hateful treatment of those with alternative sexual lifestyles. He advocates loving engagement with a view toward " conversion," which for all his angst over how we usually treat these folks, usually drives most into further antaganisom. I applaud his championing their humanity and his recognizing non gay members' own sinfulness and unworthiness. I had a SMU professor in the 70's who debunked Paul in a volume he wrote to make room for gays in the church. I considered it the height of liberal blasphemy....this excision of the grand and good apostle's ethics! Now I'm just confused and sad.

    Thanks fot the blog.

  5. Thanks, Richard.  As you know, a similar conversation is happening at Pepperdine, one of ACU's sister schools.  Although not published in zine form, many of the experiences of our students were shared at http://pepperdinelgbtstories.blog.com/

  6. For those wondering - it would appear that Paper Clips Press is coming
    out of Freed-Hardeman in TN.  This movement within the church of Christ
    schools is amazing.  I wonder where we'll hear from next.  Lipscomb?

  7. I am confused as to the link to FHU.  I went there and have found nothing to connect them to FHU except an article by a lady who was an ex-FHU student.  How does this make FHU tolerant of the homosexual community?  Thanks.

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