Thinking Blogger Awards

My friend Greg just nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award. Thank you Greg! I'm deeply honored. And I'd like to take this moment to thank my producer, who believed in this movie when no one else did....

The Thinking Blogger Award is one of those internet memes. After some checking, I think it started here. I now get to nominate five others (I can't nominate Greg or Krister who Greg tapped) who deserve this award, to point out some blogs that make me think. Thus, I now nominate:

Steve from Out of the Depths: Steve was one of my first readers. I've repeatedly been struck by his knowledge of the gnostic gospels. Plus, he's a physicist (Which, according to my friends, means Steve is a real scientist while I am not, being that I'm a social "scientist." I hate my friends.).

Matthew from Liberal Jesus: Matthew is one of the few people I know who might be more heretical than I am. Which is why we are never allowed to place membership at the same church.

Matt from Running with the Lion: Matt is my go to source for all things Emergent.

Chris from Higgaion: Chris is a dear friend, OT scholar, and prominent biblioblogger. Check out his series on The Exodus Decoded.

Bob from Ponderings on a Faith Journey: I've just discovered Bob's blog but have loved the content. And, last time I checked, Bob's blog was a Top 10 theology blog on Unspun.

Finally, I nominate George and Pecs who don't have blogs but need to start one.

Speakeasy my friends. Speakeasy.

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Blogger Awards”

  1. Richard,

    Thanks for the compliment. In physics we have the good fortune of dealing mostly with simple inanimate objects. We are socialized by considering how billiard balls bounce off of each other and how blocks slide down incline planes. Your subject is people. I decided in high school that people were too complicated and inscrutable and unpredictable for me. Psychology is the hardest science.

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