The Geography of Religious Experience

Regular readers know of my fondness for William James. James was the greatest American psychologist and he wrote the seminal work in my area of research, the psychology of religion. For more, see my recent series on James in the sidebar.

My good friend Kyle alerted me to this excellent article on James in a recent edition of the New York Times: The Geography of Religious Experience.


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2 thoughts on “The Geography of Religious Experience”

  1. An article on William James is now up at the Wilson Quarterly web site.

    One Hundred Years of Pragmatism
    by Theo Anderson

    In it there is mentioned a connection between the Restoration movement and Henry (William's dad) and subsequently William.

    "Henry came of age in an antebellum milieu of intense religious ferment, but the revival was driven by the growth and spread of established ­denominations—­mainly the Baptists and ­Methodists—­and by the formation of new groups that proposed to restore “authentic” New Testament Christianity. "

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