Embracing the Fruitcake

Ah, the fruitcake! That most reviled of Christmas foods!

Check out this alarmingly interesting article--Let Them Eat Fruitcake--by Sara Dickerman. The interesting part, to me at least, was discovering the monastic traditions associated with fruitcakes. From the article:

There are monastery fruitcakes (like the one my family used to receive), usually made by Trappist brothers, which are notable for their strong alcoholic qualities and a dense, cellared moistness.
I Googled "monastery fruitcake" and the top hit was the Holy Cross Abby, a Trappist community which has a bakery where you can order fruitcakes (the picture is taken from their products page). Here's their description of the fruitcake they make:
A fruitcake from the Trappist monks for those who appreciate quality products, made from an old fashioned recipe, using choice fruits and nut meats in a brandy-laced batter.
That actually sounds good.

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