Tracy Witham tells me that he might have posted for the last time on his blog Metaponderance. Tracy graciously comments here from time to time and long time readers will remember that Tracy was a guest blogger here two summers ago when I was in Germany. During that summer Tracy brought out an online book Into the World which can now be found at Metaponderance. I, personally, owe Tracy a great deal because he's the one that finally got me to read Tillich!

Tracy begins his final post with this provocative question:

...a funny thought occurred to me this morning. Theology may well be the most disputed "subject" of all time! How then can one be sure that one's own point of view is the right one with respect to God?

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2 thoughts on “Metaponderance”

  1. This is the radical faith of faith!
    Faith not in some specified way of thinking or doing, but being 'who God created me to be". It is not any type of teaching what one "should" or shouldn't do, but what one can and wants to do. I do it not because I should, but because I desire. Desire is not forced upon me, by another, but by free choice, I choose to do, because I am.

    This is not only a full coming to terms with symbolization of faith, but also a sense of self and justice, which is the completion of moral and intellectural development...!

  2. Hi Richard,

    "To love creatively" is how Gerhard Ebeling summarized Luther's view of a Christian's duty. One reason that's on my mind is that I just finished Ebeling's masterful "Luther." The other is that you demonstrate creative love here so often, and now have to me personally--yet again.


    Since no one likes to be put on a pedestal, however, I promise that if I'm ever lucky enough to meet you and Jana, I won't ask her if you're always so nice. :)

    I am amazed by your creative kindnesses.

    Thank you!


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