Pokémon: Pocket Demons

As the parent of a child who loves Pokémon, I found this warning very timely:

Hat Tip The Daily Dish.

Oh, you should also know I played Dungeons and Dragons when I was in High School. That probably explains a lot of what is wrong with me.

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  1. Well, I played D&D also. Never did kill anyone over D&D. I was raised to understand the difference between reality and fantasy. For that matter, I also "played church". Maybe that is my problem. Of course, being a mathematician, I am not sure I am qualified to judge anyone "non-normal". (Joke intended)

    I am also reminded of this Calvin and Hobbs. I wonder how much TV this guys lets his kids watch, and what kind:

  2. I'm continually amazed at what certain denominations of Christianity choose to get up in arms about.

    I spent 10 years as a Jehovah's Witness. The stuff that I had to clear out of my house to "avoid inviting demons in" was huge.

    I suppose that imaginary, invisible friends are taboo as well? That's what Pokemon are, after all. A cross between an imaginary friend and a super hero.


  3. Our Fine Preacher said, "What you do with your brain has a direct correlation of what you will do in Eternity"

    Wow, he sounds Buddhist. If only he really believed that !

  4. Kinda funny. In the Shin Megami Persona series of video games, you can use Tarot cards to create and summon a series of "persona" including Lilith, Beelzebub, the "Messsiah," and what looks for all the world like a giant penis with a multitude of arms riding a chariot.

    In the Xenogears video game, you fight and kill the Creator of human beings, who turns out to be a malevolent interstellar weapon system which created humankind as part of a 10,000 year project to restore destroyed biological components of its core. Not only that, but the Cosmocrator/Demiurge has trapped the true, transcendent God inside a machine and is using Him as an electrical power source for all the world's electronics.

    And Christians are getting worked up over POKEMON?? Hahhaa!

  5. What I find scary is the faces of the people in the audience - nodding and frowning. But obviously not thinking.

  6. Ha on all of you. I *still* play D&D (and I have never, ever been either normal or prone to listen to televangelists).

    You should all play roleplaying games, it will make your life better, guaranteed. Why does playing pretend have to stop?

  7. I always find the way people edit something to present a specific point of view to be very interesting. I especially like the way you ended the video. "Don't Think!" LOL! So blatantly looking for people to bash this guys message. From the response I think you got what you were looking for.

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