The Alienist's Blog

I want to introduce you to a new blog out there: The Alienist's Blog.

"Alienist," if you didn't know, is an archaic name (brought back into modern consciousnesses by the novel The Alienist by Caleb Carr) for psychiatrist. And this particular psychiatrist is my colleague Dr. John Casada at ACU. Not only is John a psychiatrist he also holds a PhD in neuroscience. Just yesterday, when I walked into the office, I found a group of students huddled around a table where John was pointing out and discussing the features of some brain specimens.

"Are those real brains?" I asked.

"Yes," John replied.

So I pulled out my iPhone and videoed John and the students a bit. I'd never seen a real brain specimen before. Such are the joys and surprises when you work with an alienist. You walk in to work to find someone holding a brain.

I think you'll really enjoy John's blog and mind. His interests are wide and his psychiatric, psychodynamic and neuroscientific perspectives are rich. Here's how John describes his blog:

The purpose of this blog is to discuss mental health issues. The title reflects my tendency to value the old wisdom that grew out of art, myth, and spirituality as well as the newer wisdom generated by modern philosophy and science.

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