Congratulations Canadian Woman's Hockey Team

Apparently, there is a bit of a stink brewing about the Canadian woman's hockey team. After they beat the United States for the gold they went back out on the ice, after the building cleared, to smoke some cigars and drink some Canadian beer and champagne. Some are calling this classless.

Here's my take: What's the big deal? You win the gold and want to go back out and celebrate on your home ice, taking in the view of the stadium. And you relax, enjoy the moment, smoke some cigars and drink a beer. Seems like a perfectly normal way to celebrate. No fans were around. Nor was the other team.

So, congratulations, ladies. Enjoy your moment.

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3 thoughts on “Congratulations Canadian Woman's Hockey Team”

  1. I also think there is a bit of gender bias going on. I don't think there would be as much, if any, outrage if men were doing this. But the fact that WOMEN are smoking cigars and drinking beers just seem so...licentious!!!!

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