Demon Sheep

I was wondering if any of you had seen the attack ad by Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and John McCain's financial adviser during his Presidential bid. Fiorina is currently running in a Republican primary in California for a US Senate seat. Her opponent in the primary is former Congressmen Tom Campbell. The ad attempts to question if Campbell is a true fiscal conservative. Which is typical campaign stuff. But what is totally weird is how this claim is made. Demon sheep feature prominently.

The ad is described this way by The Christian Science Monitor:

The ad begins with the words “purity” and “piety” appearing against a backdrop of sheep gambolling over rolling meadows. The narrator then begins rambling about “fiscal conservative leaders” and “true believers.” Tom Campbell’s name is mentioned, and at that point the Greek column appears, shooting up from behind the hill with the red-eyed demon sheep atop.

Then the storm appears, the sheep topples from its perch...
It goes on from there. The ending of the ad is truly remarkable. We see a man dressed as a demon sheep crawling around in a pasture with some other sheep. It's quite something. As Jason Linkins from Huffington Post observes:
“A straight-up game-changing shock-and-awe slice of pure mountain grown BONKERS.”
In response to the ad, the website S.F.T.E.O.D.S.F.O.P.D. (Society for the Eradication of Demon Sheep from Our Political Discourse) has sprung up. I've joined. I have never felt more strongly about something in my entire life. We must eradicate demon sheep from our political discourse!

Anyway, here's the demon sheep ad. Judge for yourself. Beware. It's over three minutes long and the guy in the demon sheep suit is at the end. But it's worth waiting for:

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3 thoughts on “Demon Sheep”

  1. Thinking more on your entry...all of us are for ourselves, and so we should be if we "stand for anything". But, when we go to defend ourselves, we inadvertedly (or not so inadvertedly) dismiss, demean or demand from another, what they "stand for".
    Politics is the place for self-promotion. No one gets the job without politics at work. So, our views of ourselves and the world are what we desire for the whole world. We cannot live at peace without understanding that we must negotiate differences. We cannot demand our perfect vision of "our" world...

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