No Explanations In Church

A picture sent to me from Mel, a friend from church:

No explanations in church? Why or why not?

I, personally, think the sign is suggesting that Christians are often too quick in offering easy explanations to difficult questions. More often than not silence, solidarity, and lament are the best and only human responses the church should offer. Christians talk way too much.

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2 thoughts on “No Explanations In Church”

  1. Or not nearly enough.

    I just finished responding to another blog about the silence of the church in the face of the poor and oppressed.

    I think we talk when we should be silent (like when parts of the church are going on and on about family values instead of learning to love everyone.) And then we are silent when we should be speaking out about injustice.

    But I do like your thought about easy explanations to difficult questions--it's too easy to just spout off our party line instead of thinking, commiserating, caring.

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