A Church Story

I love my church for many reasons. And one of the biggest reasons is Jay.

Jay's story isn't mine to tell. I'll let Amanda, his sister, do that. You can read about Jay and his growing friendships at our church here at Amanda's blog.

Yesterday was Jay's birthday. As anyone who knows Jay can tell you, Jay loves police officers. When my wife Jana walks with Jay around church she enjoys looking with him for "bad guys" to handcuff and take to jail. Given Jay's love of law enforcement, on Jay's birthday one of the members of Highland, Officer Andy Adkins, offered to let Jay take a ride in his police car. Local news was there to capture the scenes along with Amanda.

At lunch on Sunday I told Jay the story about the time I got arrested, hancuffed and taken to jail. He was enthralled. After I was done he looked at me with this straight face and his voice got serious and paternal. He gave me a little lecture, his voice full of "way-to-go-knucklehead" sarcasm:

"That was real smart, Richard. Real slick."
And then he smiled at me. And everyone laughed and laughed.

Happy Birthday Jay. Make sure you take the handcuffs off Amanda.

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  1. Richard,

    A belated thank you for the link. (So glad I finally figure out why I had such a spike in readership that day - I was mystified.) Much more than that, thanks for being Jay's friend.


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