Are You a Hipster Christian?

Are you a Hipster Christian? Take the test.

My results:

Your Christian Hipster Quotient:
81 / 120

High CHQ. You are a pretty progressive, stylish, hipster-leaning Christian, even while you could easily feel at home in a decidedly un-hip non-denominational church. You are conservative on some issues and liberal on others, and sometimes you grow weary of trendy "alt-Christianity." But make no mistake: You are a Christian hipster to at least some degree.
There's been a lot of conversation out there about "Christian hipsters." Most of it is just making fun of emergent church types. I actually tried to do some productive theological work on this topic and wrote six posts on "Hip Christianity":

Hip Christianity, Part 1: Seeing and Authenticity
Hip Christianity, Part 2: When Bad is Good
Hip Christianity, Part 3: Christianity is Cool
Hip Christianity, Part 4: High & Low, Bebop & Beat
Hip Christianity, Part 5: Stuff White People Like
Hip Christianity, Part 6: Selling Out

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12 thoughts on “Are You a Hipster Christian?”

  1. I'm wondering if the "quiz" is rigged, as I received the same score as you. I've also seen numerous other people post "scores" on various social networking sites, and they've all been the same.

  2. Dustin, it's not rigged, as I tried to be "anti hipster" in every response, and got this score.
    **** Not my "real" answers, just playing around.

    Your Christian Hipster Quotient:
    33 / 120

    Laggard. You hardly even register on the CHQ scale. But fear not: This is not necessarily a negative thing. Your Christian faith is refreshingly independent of zeitgeisty movements, styles, and reinventions.

  3. Regardless, I don't think this is meant to be any kind of real assessment. The questions are written as jokes. It's "quiz as satire and commentary."

  4. I got 99. Sufjan-caliber. :)

    Extremely High CHQ. Congratulations! You are a grade A, Sufjan-caliber Christian hipster! You probably like Thomas Merton, hookah, and lectio divina. You're not above self-critique and meta theory, and thus should definitely read Hipster Christianity.

  5. I'm going all artsy. The title banner is a bit much for me, but I like the crispness and brightness of posts in this template.

  6. That was kind of funny! I especially like my iPad version of the bible. 8^D

    Your Christian Hipster Quotient:
    60 / 120
    Low CHQ. You probably belong to the purpose-driven, seeker-sensitive, Hawaiian shirt-wearing Christian establishment, even though you are open to some of the "rethinking Christianity" stuff. You seem to like edginess in some measure but become uneasy when your idea of Christian orthodoxy is challenged by some renegade young visionary who claims the virgin birth isn't necessary. questions about my bass boostin' house music with the 1s and 0s matrix thing going on... I'll go hide in my corner again. 8^D

  7. I got a 76. I had to pause with the "Glenn Beck is the antichrist" answer, though. Wonder which way that answer would have sent me? LOL... sigh....

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