Scene from a Checkout Line

Surf on over to my friend Mark's blog to read his post Scene from a Checkout Line. It's one of the best posts I've read in some time.

Reading Mark's post just reaffirmed by conviction that one of the most pressing needs in contemporary Christianity is the recovery of basic human decency, the constant battle against the forces of dehumanization in today's word.

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3 thoughts on “Scene from a Checkout Line”

  1. Most of us would have "had to go," and we would have missed this episode of an all-too-familiar saga, and the lessons that it teaches.

    We may hope that the "smart girl" will eventually have opportunity to teach others, including her own daughters and sons, what she has had to learn the hard way about humankind. She clearly has the makings of the best kind of "facilitator" and cross-cultural communicator. She has some things to teach that we all need to learn.

    i thank Mark for having the prescience and patience to observe this story and share it with the rest of the needy.

    God's Peace to you.


  2. This reminds me of something you said in a sermon I heard you preach at Highland back in January when I just happened to be in Abilene.

    You gave like 4 things that are "dehumanizing" and one of them was "lines."

    I don't have a clue what the other 3 were, but for some reason that really stuck with me.

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