"I Divorced Your Mother Jerusalem": Git Well Soon Mrs. Beck!

Today my wife had a surgical procedure. No fun in the Beck house. But things went well and she's home recuperating.

Jana is a 1st-5th grade teacher's aid at Abilene Christian Schools (Go Panthers!). So the second grade teacher brought over some Get Well Soon cards made by the ACS 2nd Grade. Beyond decorating the card and writing an encouraging note, the students were also told that they could add a bible verse if they wanted.

Well, some of the students made some interesting Scriptural selections. Here were three of our favorites:

On the outside of the card is a wonderful "Got well soon Mrs. Beck." On the inside of the card is a "Dear Mrs. Beck" followed by the biblical quote:

These are the proverbs of Solomon.
On the outside: "Git better Mrs. Beck". On the inside:
Evil people are never safe. But good people remain safe and secure.
And, finally, our favorite. On the outside: "I hope you can talk better and feel better." And on the inside:
This is what the Lord says: People of Israel, you say that I divorced your mother Jerusalem. But where is the legal paper the proves I divorced her? My children, did I owe money to someone?
Thanks kids! Mrs. Beck will be back soon...

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3 thoughts on “"I Divorced Your Mother Jerusalem": Git Well Soon Mrs. Beck!”

  1. I've seen some interesting and random verse choices before, but that last one takes the cake.

    Git better soon Mrs. Beck! Hopefully Mr. Beck doesn't owe Israel money. 8^D

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