I Have a Dream...

Jana, my wife, is 1st-5th grade teacher's aide at Abilene Christian Schools. She loves her job and has the funniest stories about her experiences with the kids. She really should capture them all and write a book.

The other day the students in the 2nd grade were working through a unit on Martin Luther King Jr. As a part of that unit they engage the I Have a Dream speech by working on a paper where they fill in the blank:

I have a dream _________________.
Jana was touched by the response from one little girl:
I have a dream that the people who are fighting will stop. I wish that poor people aren't sick and they aren't hungry. I wish Martin Luther King was still alive so he can make his great speeches! I wish the weak were strong.
That's priceless. Then Jana moved on to the next little girl:
I have a dream that I was a zebra who was 14 months old.
The lessons we learn, it seems, can be a bit unpredictable.

To all you dreamers and zebras out there, have a great weekend.

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