Streaming May 16-18

I wanted to give you all a heads up about an exciting event coming up at Rochester College this May 16-18. In its inaugural year the Streaming: Biblical Conversations for the Missional Frontier event will be hosting a powerhouse lineup. A stunning theological and biblical lineup. Miroslav Volf. Scot McKnight. Tony Jones. To name some big names.

If you don't know Volf, you have to read Exclusion and Embrace, a book many of us consider one of the best theological books written in the last two decades. McKnight many of you know from his Jesus Creed blog and as the author of a ton of books (name your favorite), most recently One.Life. And Jones, prolific blogger and author and leading thinker within the emergent church movement.

It's the can't miss conference of the spring. I'm pumped about it.

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