The Best Book this Lenten Season Isn't Love Wins...'s Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week: From the Entrance Into Jerusalem To The Resurrection by Pope Benedict XVI.

Despite his some of his flaws and mistakes, I'd always heard that Benedict XVI is one of the best theologians working in the world today. Which makes sense given that Ratzinger was an academic and leading German theologian prior to becoming Benedict XVI. Knowing that, and wanting to find a book to read for Lenten meditations, I picked up the Pope's new book.

And it's really good. A nice balance between the popular and the scholarly, the historical-critical and the theological, the academic and the pastoral. If you are looking for something to read for Lent and Easter this would be a good choice.

And speaking of springtime and Easter, I think the eggs and baby birds are in their nests. I'm sitting in the backyard right now reading the Pope's book while watching two blue jays dive bomb a squirrel trying to climb their tree. The birds are winning.

I can only imagine they are protecting something precious higher up among the branches...

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