Helping Out MacFarland Middle School

Times are tough in a lot of public school districts in America. Particularly in urban areas.

I got an email this week from my good friend Matt Worthington who is working at MacFarland Middle School in the Washington DC Public School system. Matt and the kids at MacFarland are currently in a contest to win $50,000 for an Apple Mobile Learning Lab through the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest. As a part of our Connected initiative ACU has been very interested in helping K-12 educators make progress in this area (see here for an example). So it's been inspiring to see Matt, an ACU alumnus and former ACU Student Association President, investing his talent, vision, education and life in public school education and the kids at MacFarland. Public schools need more teachers like Matt.

If you'd like to help Matt and MacFarland get their Apple Mobile Learning Lab go to MacFarland's Refresh Everything voting site and cast your vote. At the site you'll be able to read more and ask Matt any questions you may have. You can also text "107022" to 73774 to vote.

Matt even made a video for the effort where you can see the MacFarland students, staff, and faculty:

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  1. Done--and the notice shared on my Facebook page. Thanks for the opportunity.

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