Unclean on the Kindle

Some of you have asked when Unclean was coming out on the Kindle.

Well, it's now out.

Thanks to all of you who have read the book (or are planning to) and have passed on feedback, Tweeted/Facebooked the book, or posted online reviews.

It's always an honor to have people interact with your ideas. And, hopefully, to have those ideas impact the life of the church.

One additional note, in September at ACU's Summit I'll be doing a class on the subject of the book. The class is entitled "Unclean: The Psychology of Missional Failure."

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4 thoughts on “Unclean on the Kindle”

  1. doh...now kate can give me even more of a hard time for buying a hard copy.  great to see anyway:)  good things come to those who wait.  you gotta tell other acu authors to have their works readied for kindle

  2. Richard - Just wanted to let you you know that I finished your book a couple of weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I hope that books like yours continue getting published so that we can all enjoy a greater psychological depth in the collective theological trends.  Thanks!

  3. Right after I finished reading it!  Also, I was in an assisted living facility the other day and it had been a while since I had been somewhere similar (10 years maybe). Well it immediately took me to your book where you mention nursing homes and the such and the meaning struck a deeper level.  I enjoyed the book a lot, hopefully another is on the way.

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