Speaking / Guest Lecturing Schedule

August 31
Radical Hospitality Sunday
Sermon and Classes for the Altamesa Church of Christ
Ft. Worth, TX  76133

September 5-6
Guest lecturer for Missional Leadership Program at Rochester College
Durham, NC

September 26-28
Church Retreat for the North Street Church of Christ
Nacogdoches, TX

October 9-11
Keynote Speaker (with Greg Boyd)
Streaming Conference
Rochester College, Rochester Hills, MI

October 14
Keynote Speaker
The Initiative Conference
Highland Oaks Church of Christ, Dallas, TX

January 22-24
Phoenix, AZ

May 5-8
Class and Evening Sessions
Pepperdine Bible Lectures
Malibu, CA

June 12-15
City Gate Church
Brighton, England

If you'd like for me to speak for your church, conference, school, event or organization feel free to email at beckr@acu.edu.

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15 thoughts on “Speaking / Guest Lecturing Schedule”

  1. You have a standing invitation to enjoy the hospitality of the only UK county to rhyme with 'heaven'.

  2. Just found you. What great stuff. Maybe there's good reason not to, but I'd love if you were on Facebook, so I'd stumble into you daily, and easily share you.

    But if that doesn't work, I"ll just have to remember to keep coming back. (Or figure out what that RSS thing is.)


  3. You should come speak at Greenbelt Festival in the UK. You'd go down really well and I think you'd enjoy it! Website here: http://www.greenbelt.org.uk/ if you want to get in touch with them!

  4. Thanks Ruth! I'm always on the lookout for a way to get to the UK. Sort of a dream of mine.

  5. I second Ruth. We know you and Jana would have a blast at Greenbelt, not that you would get to mingle with the masses if you're amongst the exalted speakers' group. We've always wanted to go and hang out on the fringes. Here is an honest 'review' from one who experienced last year's do (Rob Bell was there): 

    Flesh, with a bit of innuendo. Indeed! :) You've both already got the 'festival chic' down, all you would need are your wellies. (Email us if this happens.)

  6. Just finished "Unclean".  It is a clarified argument. Thanks for making it so approachable for me, a non-scholar.

    How open is an "open eucharist"? Is it hospitality?  Is the font a part of the secret discipline? Is the table mercy and the font sacrifice?  
      I am inspired by"FIRST THE TABLE, THEN THE FONT" by Richard Fabian www.saintgregorys.org/Resources_pdfs/FirsttheTable.pdfMy community says every week "our table is open to all Christians."  Must the table reenact the Upper Room?  Could it reflect the open meals Jesus had?Thanks!

  7. Richard,  How can I sign up to get your posts by email?  The rss feed doesn't work.

    Rev. Mary

  8. If you are traveling to the Greater Boston area, I would like to hear you speak.

  9. Dear Professor Beck, I´m Brazilian by birth and Portuguese by marriage and an Associate of the Assembly of God in Portugal since 1989. Actually I´m working on a PhD thesis at the Uni of Sheffield in England. The paper´s theme is "Relationship in Pauline Thoughts". As such it does involve issues like justification and NPP on Paul. Have said that, I would ask you the pages quoted by you to do the review of Campbell book "The Deliverance of God". I will quote from your review but need the pages to interact with the text itself. Hope hearing from you soon, thanks a lot. You can send the pages per chapter to my email regixana@hotmail.com

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