There is Only More Darkness

There is little light
in the world.
Too many black corners
of meanness,
And cold loneliness.
So we linger
and warm ourselves
when we find the soft flicker
of kindness
and love--
fragile, precious, tenuous
wisps of flame in the wind.
Rejoice in these.
And bless.
There is only more darkness
in the extinguishment.

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9 thoughts on “There is Only More Darkness”

  1. You really have a knack for poetry. And let me guess - people tell you they are "too depressing."

  2. Don't know if I have a knack. But I like trying to write it. I do, however, gravitate to it when I'm sad and thoughtful and that does come through.

  3. Wonderful. We are encouraged to be sensitive in the "thin places" at this time of year and  for me this poem  expresses and expands on that sensitivity.

  4. Richard, I have had the same challenge in communicating my own teaching and writing at times. People will comment that it is too dark. I keep trying to point out the hope.

  5. Richard, thanks for sharing this. It's a poignant meditation. For whatever reason, as I was reading it, a line from Josh Ritter's song "Thin Blue Flame" popped into my mind: "You need faith for the same reasons that it's so hard to find."

  6. Without examining the darkness, the false hopes persist, just as Richard has been pointing out in the Slavery of Death series.

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