Unclean Theology

For those interested in discussing, unpacking or pushing back on the ideas I discuss in Unclean, particularly in relation to the praxis of the missional church, let me point you to a open conversation going on at the blog Unclean Theology. The very talented hosts and discussants of the blog are getting the ball rolling out in front of Streaming (June 18-20) where I'll be in dialog with Walter Brueggemann and other missional church leaders about the book.

If you've read Unclean or are considering reading it and would like to unpack its implications for church life and missional communities jump into the conversation going on over at Unclean Theology.

Just wash your hands before you show up over there...

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4 thoughts on “Unclean Theology”

  1. Thanks for the link, Richard. At my church, we're discussing starting a prison ministry at a local State Jail (felons convicted of crimes punishable by sentences of two years or less), and I'm thinking that this book, and the great distillation and discussion of same at Unclean Theology might be a good topic to delve into for these men that will be re-entering society in a relatively short time (as well as a great means of self-examination for the people that could be a great help in that ministry.)

    Would you mind if I e-mail you to get some quick thoughts on a prison ministry geared towards State Jail time periods?

    Thanks and blessings to you,

  2. Thanks, Dr. Beck.  I surfed on over and read through the posts to-date, and discussion comments.  Typically gracious and generous of you to extend such hospitality...  Trust that I will be following the conversation, and engaging prayerfully (albeit quietly) with the information --> transformation process.  The upcoming Streaming event of which you are a part looks to be off to a good start; I'm cheering you on!  ~Blessings~

  3. Hi Richard:
    I read unclean a few months ago and was very taken by it, especially after having read Exclusion and Embrace by Volf just before that. Both are amazing books! 
    I have a blog called "with arms wide open: a cartoon-based exploration of exclusion and embrace" which is not specifically about Volf's book but about broader issues. Thought you might be interested to know that recently I've posted the first of a series where I have a cartoon inspired by your book paired with a quote from it. I have another three cartoons ready to go, and more ideas to follow.
    http://exclusionandembrace.blogspot.ca/2012/04/jesus-febrezus.html (the cartoon)
    http://exclusionandembrace.blogspot.ca/2012/04/love-and-disgust.html (quote from unclean)

    Best regards,

    rob g

  4. Hi Rob,
    So cool! I've been to your blog in the past and love your work. So it's a distinct honor.

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