Beyond the Box: The Slavery of Death

It was my great honor and pleasure to sit down with Raborn Johnson for the Beyond the Box podcast about my recent series The Slavery of Death.

This will be a three part series. The first part--The Sting of Death is Sin--is now up at the Beyond the Box website. Much of the discussion, if you'd like to participate, will be at the Beyond the Box site on Facebook.

I'll keep you posted when parts two and three come online.


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3 thoughts on “Beyond the Box: The Slavery of Death”

  1. Enjoyed! Listened to it while cleaning the house this morning. It will be a great way to introduce friends to your series without unloading 31 posts on them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This podcast was incredibly helpful to me.  I'll look forward to the second and third installments.

    You know, I struggled to absorb much of the material in The Slavery of Death series of posts.  When I read certain buzzwords or topics, the "voice" I hear is shouting at me!  So I can listen to this very calm and friendly recap of the series, take some notes even, and begin to understand the message.  I figure that after this podcast series, maybe I will be ready to begin Ernest Becker's book Denial of Death.  One step at a time.  :-)  I deactivated my Facebook account a few months ago, so commenting on the Beyond the Box page is not an option for me.    Thank you, Dr. Beck.  ~Peace~

  3. Richard, the pleasure was all mine! Thanks to everyone who listened. I am glad you enjoyed it! We will try to have part 2 up within the next week.

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