Accompaniment and the Sacrament of Mere Presence

Let me direct your attention to a guest post I have up over at the Tokens Show blog entitled "Accompaniment and the Sacrament of Mere Presence."

Some of you know that Lee Camp, beyond being an author and theologian, is host of the Tokens Show. If you are ever in the Nashville area the Tokens Show is a must see. Jana and I went the last time we were in Nashville. Absolutely amazing experience. Surf the Tokens website for reviews, upcoming shows, and downloads from past shows.

Look forward to Monday as Lee will have a guest post appearing here at Experimental Theology

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6 thoughts on “Accompaniment and the Sacrament of Mere Presence”

  1. How timely. I am a public school teacher in a rural county in Georgia and this year we are dealing with 10 homeless families. I know how common this is in other parts, but not here. I found two fellow teachers weeping yesterday over the plight of a brother and sister that go to our school. No clothes, no food. We are doing what we can and it is easy to think that we can save them all. Chances are they won't be with us very long, but maybe they will remember that someone cared enough to cry with them. Pray for these folks and all those on the fringes.

  2. I call this the ministry of presence. Just BEING there. I have been blessed to have a couple people like this during difficult journeys.
    These people do not offer plattitudes, they do not offer simplistic answers, they do not suggest more prayer, they dont try to "fix" it, they know they can't...they are just present in dark and difficult times.
    God bless them

  3. Thanks for this. I am thinking that what you have said about accompaniment is true for so many relationships. I spent the day with my frail and anxious parents, my developmentally disabled sister, my chronically ill daughter. I can't fix any of it. But I can show up and "practice fidelity in the daily round."

  4. The chaplain of the university where I once served as a campus minister used the term " ministry of presence" which I had never heard before. It sort of put a handle on a beautiful way of being with people we can't really do anything for perhaps but be there. A true catalyst for God's grace and mercy to flow. Maybe when we try to "do things" to help others the greatest gift is the one of ourselves....the sacrament of presence. Writing a check is good sometimes.....being with is priceless if not always possible. And I remember, "lo, I am with you always...."Come, Lord Jesus. Come, Holy Spirit. Precious Jesus hold my hand...I need Thee every hour. Use me to touch someone.

  5. i worked in detox and protective custody for catholic charities in a shelter that catered to the homeless.   it gets violent, ugly, - a man was raped on one of my shifts...all people who profess to be christians need this kind of experience - and not on the short term gotta have that in your face thing to get to what it's really all drove me crazy sometimes, but i learned more than any other job i had

  6. I am certainly learning about this now. I have just left a job as a psychotherapist for nine years in a psychiatric hospital for teenagers and saw there all the problems after nine years Magismarc mentions. I was quite critical of the mental health system. Now I live in another country actually in the country trying to create organic gardens. I see only my wife at the end of the day. I thought I could bring some of my experience and work privately but realize that perhaps the work in the hospital was the place where I made my biggest contribution despite the failures of the instituition.

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