The View from Below

There remains an experience of incomparable value. We have for once learnt to see the great events of world history from below, from the perspective of the outcast, the suspects, the maltreated, the powerless, the oppressed, the reviled – in short, from the perspective of those who suffer.

--Dietrich Bonhoeffer, from "A Reckoning made at New Year 1943" given to his friends at Christmas 1942

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2 thoughts on “The View from Below”

  1. But isnt that a description of the condition of almost everyone who has ever lived. Except for the very rare cases of the Illuminated Saints who have appeared in the world and demonstrated by lived example a completely different possibility.

    Furthermore did not Shakespeare describe the dreadful passions and murderously reasonable intentions that drive every human being, without exception. All of which inevitably created the March of Folly. And is still doing so. Even to the very soon potentially terminal degree for Earthkind altogether! 
    Remembering that there was no God on Shakespeare's stage.
    Remember too that some/many Christian's are now actively hoping and praying for Armageddon and the associated "rapture" to occur, as a prelude to/for the "second coming" and the "restoration" of "God's" rule.

  2. And then Jesus came upon his disciples and said, "Brethren; love me, admire me, adore me. But please , for the love of Baal, stop with the dying for sins bullshit. It's fucking outrageous and makes us all look like a bunch of goddamn deluded Neanderthal fuck-tards!!
    Truly I say unto you, 'You are embarrassing the absolute living fuck out of me with this blood sacrifice goat shit! 
    Blood sacrifice!!!???? Are you all out of your goddamn fucking minds!!?"--Jesus H. Christ, the Gospel of Sanity.

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