Merry Christmas!

A poem of mine--"Incarnation"--from last year:
This is the emptying.
The release of heaven.
The descent
into the warmth
of a young girl's womb.
Vitally yoked
to her heartbeat and life.
Sharing the scandal
and embarrassment of flesh.
A covenant of love
sealed in ligament and bone.
to God in the Highest.
here in straw and blood.

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2 thoughts on “Incarnation”

  1. WOW. That is beautiful.

    Frohe has been an exciting experience bragging to my friends and dropping your name as being the Chair of my Committee ~just a very few years ago~ at ACU. ;)

    Yeah, the reactions are quite diverse.  After referring them to your blog, some feel pity for me and some feel jealous. Tee hee hee. 

    Kent and I listened to Day 11 of 40DOP today. This talk reminded us of some of your viewpoints.

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