Remembering Liam

A year ago today our faith community lost one of our most courageous and compassionate members, Liam Lowe. If you read here at the page you might have noticed a link above to Liam's Wells, Liam's still ongoing effort to help dig wells in Third World villages who lack clean water sources. Last year when I wrote about Liam many of you generously donated to Liam's Wells.

Liam was incredibly creative and a wonderful artist. This last fall much of Liam's artwork was displayed in a show at the Abilene Center for Contemporary Arts which was covered in this article in the Abilene Reporter News.

During Liam's 14-month battle with leukemia I wrote a few poems trying to capture and express the grief many of us were experiencing at our church. This was one of them:

There is so much sadness
in the world.
And the edges of it
so icy and sharp--
the territory of our bleeding.
And there a numbness
too cold for weeping.
But deep inside
the concavity of pain
there is a warmth--
the ache of love--
that thaws all loss
to the torrent and dew
of grief.

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6 thoughts on “Remembering Liam”

  1. Journeying with my wife as she goes through cancer treatments reminds me how blessed we are...her cancer is treatable and curable... Thank you for sharing this.  Prayers and blessings to you, your congregation, and to Liam's family as they have to wait, now, to go home and see him again...

  2. Our little concgegation at Grace Fellowship remembered Liam's family last evening during our prayer time. Through the continuing sorrow a tremendous blessing keeps on growing because of this valiant young warrior for good, fallen yet mighty in his example and his living legacy.

  3. And I can't believe it's already been a year since you wrote that somber, sobering post about him. Our time is fleeting...

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