Easter at Freedom

Happy Easter! Just got back from the sunrise service at Freedom Fellowship. It's my favorite church service of the year. A poem gathering my thoughts from this morning:

The church is dark
as we enter
just a few small flickering candles
dancing on the windowsills
keeping the vigil
so it is hard to see you
huddled, as we are, in what seems the gloaming
which it isn't
because the dawn is coming
with its soft light
accompanied by birdsong
to dance through the open door
(shouldn't every church door stand open
and fill the long windows with flames
allowing us, now in the Easter light, to see each other
to see you, my sisters, my brothers
as you dance in the aisles
and listen to the story
of the one who has called us here
and given us life, and each other
as we pass the bread of heaven
and share what was split
by the Lamb who was slain
He is risen, you say
and we respond
as the day has now arrived
He is risen indeed

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5 thoughts on “Easter at Freedom”

  1. Happy Easter. Thanks for all you write about and what you dare to say that others so not.

  2. I found myself struck this morning at how active the service is, even though this is probably my fourth one. The dancing and jumping, the amens and shouts- not the solemn service you expect, not even at the beginning. Thanks for sharing.

    Zach S

  3. Richard, you are such a blessing to the Freedom family. I agree with you: the Sunrise gathering is my favorite one of the year, too!

  4. Thanks Paul. The Freedom community has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. In many ways, it has saved my faith.

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