Get Well Soon Mrs. Beck

There's been some illness at the Beck house. The last few weeks Jana and I have been sick. Jana is a teacher's aide at an elementary school and she recently got some Get Well Soon cards made by the 2nd Grade at her school. Some selections of our most favorite cards. And all spellings are preserved:

From Joel:
Let's get this out of you. I hope you get better. Cause we love you.
From Lindsey:
Dear Mrs. Beck,
We all really miss you alot.

Do you like cats? If so, turn to the inside. I hope they cheer you up. Get well soon!

[Inside of card has lots of cat drawings.]
From Savanna:
Hope you get beter soon Mrs. Beck.
Some people do not like sickness. I don't.
From Ashlynn:
Dear Mrs. Beck,
I hope you git beter soon we won't you back so much cose you are funny, fun, and cool.
Love you and like you
The End
From Sara:
Dear Mrs. Beck,
I really, really, really, really, really, really want you to get well soon!
From Sidney:
Get well. Good destroys evil. Evil causes pain and pain is painful.
From Timothy:
You shine.
Thanks kids!

You, most definitely, shine.

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9 thoughts on “Get Well Soon Mrs. Beck”

  1. Man, none of them wrote letters about how God must be punishing her for something, or that this must be all her fault for not washing her hands? I'm constantly impressed by the wisdom of children.

  2. Who knew kids could be so philosophical in their get well cards? That Sidney is a hoot! Thanks for sharing. Brightened my day and I'm not even sick!

  3. My wife is a first grade teacher and has been for 20+ years. They really do say the darnedest things. Thanks for sharing and I pray that the Becks are back to normal for Easter. God Bless.

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