2 thoughts on “Ian Morgan Cron on the Catholic Versus Protestant Imaginations”

  1. Oh, wow. That describes my experience and understanding, although I have sort of found my way there on my own, and through a baptized imagination (hat tip to C S Lewis). Years and years ago, trying to live the verse "Rejoice always, in all things give thanks; pray without ceasing" put me in a place like Cron's description of experiencing God in all of life. Sorry to be incoherent -- I've ambled into this and hadn't expected such a lucid discussion of my personal experience.

    And yes, I'm Episcopalian (joined in college, but raised in Southern Presbyterian), but this was never directly described. Guess it's in the atmosphere.

  2. What a fantastic podcast. I was raised C of C, but was once described by my Calvinist friend as "suspiciously Catholic" -- to my great delight. I like the meeting place of Word and Sacrament, as Cron so nicely puts it.

    I'll just add that the "artist pastor" Cron should have named is Malcolm Guite! A talk by Guite at Regent College is here: http://www.regentaudio.com/products/the-word-made-flesh-christ-and-the-imagination

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