Christmas Eve!

A poem of mine--"Incarnation"--from two years ago:
This is the emptying.
The release of heaven.
The descent
into the warmth
of a young girl's womb.
Vitally yoked
to her heartbeat and life.
Sharing the scandal
and embarrassment of flesh.
A covenant of love
sealed in ligament and bone.
to God in the Highest.
here in straw and blood.

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5 thoughts on “Incarnation”

  1. A wonderful poem! It reminds me to see "the glory in the straw and blood" of each new day. Thank you.

  2. Hey, just found this blog out and really enjoy it! Thank you for the poem, added this blog to my reading list! :)

    Would appreciate any pointers/support for a blog I wrote about the incarnation,

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