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I wanted to let you know that tomorrow (3.19.14) at 11:00 CST I'll be having a live chat with Adam Ericksen and Suzanne Ross from the Raven Foundation. You can find out how to register for the chat (it's free but you need to register so a link to view the chat can be sent to you) and other details at the Raven Foundation's Teaching Nonviolent Atonement website at Patheos.

If you don't know about the work of the Raven Foundation you should. The Raven Foundation is a thought and educational leader in disseminating the insights of René Girard regarding mimetic theory and the dynamics of scapegoating with the goal of creating more peaceable communities.

And if you don't know Girard's work, his insights have revolutionized how many of us think about the atonement. Explore both the Raven Foundation and the Teaching Nonviolent Atonement websites for resources on this and related subjects.

Hope to see you live tomorrow during my conversation with Eric and Suzanne. I'm really looking forward to exploring the connections between two towering thinkers, Ernest Becker and René Girard. Both men articulated theories that posit simple dynamics--mimesis leading to rivalry in the case of Girard and terror management leading to worldview defence in the case of Ernest Becker--but that have huge explanatory scope and power. To date, however, little work has been done exploring the intersections of these two influential paradigms. I don't know how much we'll get into that topic tomorrow, but it's a subject I've been thinking about a lot.

See you tomorrow at 11:00 CST.

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10 thoughts on “Join Our Live Chat With the Raven Foundation”

  1. I’ve been reading Becker and Girard for years it will be wonderful to hear your analysis of their work. So far I’ve only come across one other religion professor who knows of Ernest Becker; a Jarvis Streeter at California Lutheran University wrote a wonderful book ‘Human Nature, Human Evil and Religion: Ernest Becker and Christian Theology’ about the relationship between the social sciences and Christian theology. Perhaps you've heard of it? Do you know if the podcast is going to be available for download after the event?

  2. I haven't see that book. Thanks!

    I believe the video will be available for a week or so and then it goes behind a
    paywall. When it comes out I'll post a notice on this blog.

  3. The video of this chat is located at the bottom of this page:

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