Sunrise Easter Service at Freedom Fellowship

It is dark
but not for long
not for long
the waiting is almost over.
See behind you
the sun is searching for us
her fingertips reaching through
the open church door.
The vigil passes, ages.
The weary labor nears the end
to rest
as low tired candles sway finishing
their quiet hopeful work
reminding us that even in the dead
among the dead
in the dead of night
there is a flicker
a whisper
and a portent of grace.
Dear brothers and sisters
I see you now
for the first time.
For the dawn is upon us
and the Light is washing us clean.
I can see.
I can see
you dancing
newborn and alive.
And this is how I always will see you.
This is how I will always see you.
Children in the Easter light.

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