God Is...

"God is nothing but Mercy and Love."   --Thérèse of Lisieux

Get out your prayer beads. Say it over and over and over...

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4 thoughts on “God Is...”

  1. She sufficed for her time.... As any Evangelical knows, "God is nothing but Free Market Fundamentalism."

    Get out your singular media outlets and chant together " it's only private enterprise that saves us!".

  2. I don't mean to open a theological can of worms, but do you at all see the juxtaposition of your comment and Dr. Beck's post?

  3. I feel like God (as revealed in Christ) is Justice as well as Mercy and Love.

    Then again, it's possible that the concept of divine love includes and encompasses justice. And it's true that I have not read anything by Thérèse of Lisieux, so I may be missing the context of the quote.

    Whatever its original meaning, it does work wonderfully as the sort of meditation that Richard suggests here.

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