A New Friday Series: Unpublished

Dear Readers, what shall we do with Fridays?

Two years ago I blogged through the Rule of St. Benedict on Fridays. Last year I created "Search Term Friday," using weekly search terms to highlight and revisit old blog posts.

But it's a new year so we should start something different.

What I'd like to try to do is a series I'll call "Unpublished." Behind the scenes of this blog are years of unpublished drafts. These drafts consist of poems I didn't like. Rants I decided I shouldn't publish. Posts that didn't evolve the way I wanted them to, failed theological experiments. And a lot of partial and unfinished posts I started writing but never finished.

Here and there in all that material are some good paragraphs and sentences expressing an interesting or provocative idea, insight, opinion or perspective. So what I'd like to do on Fridays is publish some of this material. Not the bad, incoherent or inflammatory parts, but the kernels of the good stuff that might be harvested from all this unpublished material.

I hope that on Fridays these fragments will make for provocative, tantalizing and enigmatic reading.

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8 thoughts on “A New Friday Series: Unpublished”

  1. Looking forward to it, very much! Please let me encourage you the way I do my wife who paints and creates pottery. She will at times show me a piece she is very disappointed in, even calling it "crap". That is when I often say, "Hon, that could be the piece that finds its way to a museum shelf two thousand years from now".

  2. This past Wednesday E. J. Dionne wrote a piece in the Washington Post about why the questions religion asks matter at least as much as much as the answers.

  3. Provocative, tantalizing and enigmatic.....we expect nothing less, Richard! Looking forward to Fridays even more than usual now.

  4. Sounds like a god Idea. I will be looking forward to Fridays!
    By the way, how are things going with your trip to Europe this Summer?

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