Newsworthy with Norsworthy: The Haircut Episode (and a Bit of Ash Wednesday)

To get ready for Ash Wednesday tomorrow join me over at Luke Norsworthy's site for another podcast on Newsworthy with Norworthy where we discuss, in Luke's words, "the C21 conference, gratitude. singing in a maximum security prison, Dieter Zander, crying more, turning upon celebrities, hero worship, Ash Wednesday, stacking time, the Laundromat post and why he cut his hair."

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4 thoughts on “Newsworthy with Norsworthy: The Haircut Episode (and a Bit of Ash Wednesday)”

  1. Good timing, as I'm home all day today due to inclement weather. Thank you both, Richard and Luke!

  2. I had to jump off and on a couple of times, but caught most of it. The discussion regarding Ash Wednesday was well worth the time. We need those seasons when we are humbled by the realization of what others have lost, of what we ourselves could very well lose.

    By the way, I wore my hair long well into my fifties, swearing I would never wear it short. Then one day I looked into the mirror and was a little shocked by some face sag and a few lines and wrinkles, which long hair only accentuates. That was when I realized long hair was for young men. I am in my mid-sixties now and I just have my wife use the clippers with a #6 attachment. A couple of ladies told me I look good. They're in the eighties; but, hey, that's fine too.

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