The Super Bowl Commercials Prove God Exists

We enjoyed watching the Super Bowl last night with some good friends from church. The big question of the night was if Katy Perry would keep her cloths on. She did.

Like many who watched the game we had fun watching and evaluating the commercials. Which are almost as big an event as the game itself.

At some point during the second half, after having watched many commercials, I declared, "The Super Bowl commercials prove God exists."

What I meant by that is how many of the commercials sought to connect their product with the transcendent. In many commercials the product is Messianic, ushering in the Kingdom of God.

For example, the Coke "Make It Happy" commercial:

McDonald's "Pay With Lovin'" and Jeep's "Beautiful Lands" are other examples, even Nationwide's controversial "Make Safe Happen." 

These are companies selling fries, cars, soda and insurance policies.

And what they appeal to to sell these products is God.

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5 thoughts on “The Super Bowl Commercials Prove God Exists”

  1. Terrific! More prosaically, I'd re-title this post as "The Super Bowl commercials prove that Feuerbach was right!" In Coca-Cola Land, "The world is what we make it" becomes a cipher for "God is what we make it" -- which is bad transcendence. As is Aphrodite (Ms. Perry) and Ares (the Flypast), which, with Mammon, make up the American Trinity.
    Oh, and you could add a fourth Super Bowl deity: Koalemos, the Greek god of stupidity, at whose shrine Bevell and Carroll evidently worship.

  2. Poetry and songs once spoke of love, joy, broken hearts and pain. Now they make us long for lunch.

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