Unpublished: Fireflies

There are moments that I have felt and have named
as God. Where I have glimpsed something,
out of the corner of my eye. Something clean, bright
and holy. Epiphanies, as quick and as fleeting as fireflies
dancing. And me, a child rushing
to touch and cherish in the hollow of my hands
before the light dances away.  As it always does. Still
I have seen. Seen the night
illuminated just beyond my reaching.
Even on these the darkest nights. Calling me forward--
watchful, silent and expectant.  

--an unpublished poem

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2 thoughts on “Unpublished: Fireflies”

  1. I remember the amazed look on the face of a Danish friend when she experienced fireflies for the first time as an adult in the US. They don't come around often, but they are so calming and peaceful. Slowly drifting, yet very difficult to grab hold of. And for me, they are more beautiful when viewed on their terms, rather than being studied in a stagnant jar. So many corollaries with their creator.

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