Rob Bell at Newsworthy With Norsworthy

Before the start of the Pepperdine Lectures it was my honor (along with Jana) to drive out with Luke Norsworthy to Laguna Beach to record a podcast with Rob Bell.

Rob, and his friends who hosted us, was awesome. So warm, welcoming and hospitable.

We spent about three hours talking with Rob and enjoyed every minute of it. Part One of that conversation is now live at Luke's website Newsworthy with Norsworthy (and you can subscribe to and follow Luke's podcast on iTunes).

In Part One we talk a bit about Love Wins and the issues related to human freedom, something I was looking forward to talking to Rob about.

I'll let you know when Part Two of the conversation goes live.

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2 thoughts on “Rob Bell at Newsworthy With Norsworthy”

  1. listened to it all. it's fantastic to hear you and Rob together! there's some stuff Rob Bell says around the 11-15 minute mark about evangelicals, protestants, church divisions, and the Eucharist that was mind-blowing.

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