There is a Story Guiding Love to Love

Throbbing at the heart of the material universe, amid the buzzing and hum of the swirling mass of particles, is the Ache of Love.

This is as empirical a fact as is the apple hitting Sir Isaac Newton on the head. Factually, scientifically, Love exists. You've felt it crackle through the atoms of your body like you've felt the jolt of electricity when you touched a doorknob. And facts, as they say, are facts.

Atoms ache. Matter moans. Particles wince in pain.

Love exists, but she is blind. Love needs a Story.

Some call the Story fantasy or fiction. It's all make believe, a fairy tale, because the Story of Love can't be observed in the test tubes or under the microscopes.

Love, some claim, needs no Story. Love can figure it out on her own. Let Love work her way through the School of Hard Knocks. Let pain teach Love her lessons. Let suffering be her syllabus.

And so, Love ventures forth.

And we find her, years later, stumbling through the alleyway looking for her fix. Or staring blankly at a computer screen. One screen followed by another.

She found pleasure, Love did. And even ecstasy, in some moments. But the feelings have faded. The Ache is still throbbing, but distant now and numb.

Blind Love, lost Love, stumbles around as pleasure and desire.

Love needs her Story.

And there are some of us who say that the Story is no fairy tale, no fantasy or fiction.

The Story is True. As True as an electron. As True as a green bean. As True as Love herself.

Love with her Story? She grows like a garden. Like roses under sunshine and rain. Like cells in a petri dish. Like chemicals fizzing in the tube.

The Story traces the highways and byways though the cosmic swirl, knows the nooks and crannies in E = mc2 where Love can be sheltered, nurtured and shared. As scientifically as the trails of the particles through their cloud chambers. Or the blaze of lightning seeking the ground. Or the river creeping to the sea.

There is a Story that knows where Love will flourish. And where she might find shelter from the storm.

And watching Love bloom you know that Story is True. As true as a toad. As factual as a fractal.

There is a Story guiding Love to Love.

I don't believe in it.

Just as I don't believe in gravity or turnips or the swaying of flowers in the breeze.

I observe them all.

Factually. Empirically. Scientifically.

And know.

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8 thoughts on “There is a Story Guiding Love to Love”

  1. In pa rticle physics we know when we observe a particle is not in the same place at the same time. right or left left to right, love gives the direction. When we don't observe it seems to go straight ahead.
    Now Richard.
    when I have the Spirit of God dwelling inside of me, the spirit of love and goodness, Faith and hope.
    could I not say for a practical way of looking at my Creator today, that I am the particle being observed instantaneously, That God guides my steps right or left.
    Because he is my loving observer and knows which way I should go also all of us that believe

  2. In this way I just think God's got my back I don't have to think about it too much.
    blessings Richard have a fine day.
    God willing and the creek don't rise

  3. I read all the stuff figure this out.
    that works for me. and I can pretty much put it inside Romans 1:20

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    share with our Christian Social Network.

  5. Your first paragraph speaks it well. When I think of the empty space between the smallest of particles that is infinitely, as well as eternally beyond us and within us, I imagine a power holding all things together. For me, this empty space is love from which flows mind and wisdom; and for me, that makes sense.

    As you can tell, I'm no scientist. But I do try to dig a little deeper where I can.

  6. There is a constant nagging feeling that it can't be true that God loves everyone without exception. How can it be? And if not everyone, how can I be sure its true for me? Oh to believe that Love and Gravity were even equal forces.

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