Don't Make a Mess in Your Heart

As regular readers know, Jana and I are a part of a faith community called Freedom Fellowship that shares life on the margins of society.

Jana and I could share hundreds of stories from Freedom. We always say, "One day we should write a book."

But I don't think that book will be written. And I don't share those stories here on the blog. Sharing stories like that can objectify people. Yes, there are stories, but they are our stories, family stories. Stories between friends.

So I'm hesitant to share this story, but it's just too funny and theologically insightful not to share with a broader audience.

Again, a lot of our friends at Freedom deal with cognitive and psychiatric issues, so the conversations we have are often unique, delightful and theologically astute. And a couple of weeks ago Jana was having a conversation with Brother Tom (not his real name), who is one of our older members.

Brother Tom was distraught. Earlier in the week Brother Tom had an issue with incontinence. Prone to oversharing, Brother Tom was wanting to process the embarrassment of that incident with someone and Jana found herself as that person. Hearing about the accident Jana offered consolation telling Brother Tom that there was nothing to be embarrassed about, that sometimes those things happen.

This encouraged Brother Tom and made him feel better. And then Brother Tom offered his own theological assessment.

"Yes, Sister, you are right," said Brother Tom, "this is what I think. It is better to make a mess in your pants than a mess in your heart."

Jana smiled and agreed wholeheartedly.

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