As I wrote a few weeks ago, our little faith community, Freedom Fellowship, lost Sister Beth, a dear and valued member of our family.

This week I was sitting with Robert and Judy at our dinner before the worship service. As I've shared before, Judy is a simple soul, often confused and overwhelmed by life.

Like many of us, Judy is still shaken by Beth's passing.

"I don't want to keep talking about her, " said Judy, "but I miss Beth."

"It's okay, Judy." I said. "It's good for you to talk about Beth. Talk about Beth all you want."

"I'm just sad Beth is gone," said Judy.

"I know, we are all sad. It's called grief. Do you know what grief is?"

"I don't think so."

"Grief is that sad feeling you get when someone you love has passed away."

Judy was quiet for a long moment. And then she looked up.

"Can you die from grief?" she asked softly.

Judy's eyes were anxious, she was legitimately worried she'd die from her sadness.

"No, Judy, you won't die from the grief. But it hurts."

"Yes," said Judy, "it does hurt."

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