Migrant Jesus, at the border

In light of recent world events our friend Kim Fabricius has updated his hymn "Migrant Jesus, at the border" which originally appeared online at Ben Myer's Faith and Theology blog.

Migrant Jesus, at the border
(Suggested Tune: Drakes Broughton)

Migrant Jesus, at the border,
   refugee of fear and hate,
you’re a threat to law and order,
   nightmare of the nation-state.

Child of Israel, fleeing soldiers,
   from the Jordan to the Nile,
were your parents passport-holders,
   were you welcomed with a smile?

Home from Egypt, Spirit-breathing,
   in the towns of Galilee,
how you had the people seething
   when you preached the Jubilee.

At the margins, far from center,
   where you met the ostracized,
even friends weren’t keen to enter
   conversations that you prized.

After Paris, shock and panic
   at the threat of terrorists
tempt us to become satanic,
   turning open hands to fists.

Ease our fears, Lord, banish hatred
   of the outcast and the odd;
help us see the single-sacred:
   face of stranger – face of God.

Migrant Jesus, at the border,
   risen victim who commands,
“Love me in the least of others,”
   make this place your promised land.

--Kim Fabricius, August 2014

For more of Kim's hymns see his recently published book Paddling by the Shore.

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