Personal Days: A New Friday Series for 2016

Over the last three years I've done different things with Friday's posts. It started off with me blogging through the Rule of St. Benedict to highlighting posts found by interesting search terms to last year's "Unpublished" series where I posted material I'd left unpublished over the years.

So, what to do on Fridays for 2016?

As many of you are aware, this blog is the only social media presence I have. I'm not on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. No big philosophical reason for that. It's mainly due to how busy I am. I work hard at this blog to keep content coming Monday-Friday. And as you can imagine, that's a big commitment. So I just don't have a lot of time to devote to keep track of additional social media platforms.

Still, there are moments, not a lot, but a few, where I'd like an outlet to put out more personal items. Stuff of life kinds of things, the things you see on Instagram and Facebook.

Add to this the fact that I don't blog a whole lot about myself. My life isn't all that interesting, but I do think that some of you might want to get to know me a bit better, the person behind the blog and books.

So let me introduce you to our new Friday series which I'm calling "Personal Days." The idea behind "Personal Days" is simple: I'll be using Friday posts as if they were Facebook and Instagram, posting pictures and moments from my life. 

And to start us off, let me introduce you to our recurring cast of characters...

First, there is my oldest son, Brenden. Brenden is a senior at Abilene Christian Schools and heading to ACU next year. He's still thinking about a major. This is Brenden and I at his last ACS football game

Here's my youngest son, Aidan. Aidan is a freshmen at ACS. Aidan just got his driver's permit and this is a picture of him right before driving a car for the first time, his first driving lesson with Dad. And look at that Johnny Cash shirt he's wearing! That's my boy!

Finally, the love of my life, Jana. This year will be our 25th wedding anniversary. Jana is the middle school and high school drama teacher at ACS. Every year, both Brenden and Aidan choose to take their Mom's drama class as an elective and they always audition for her plays. Because of Jana we are very theatrical family! In fact, that's how Jana and I first met. We were both auditioning for a play at ACU. We saw each other in the lobby.

She walked over and said Hi.

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