Personal Days: Lamenting for Los Arcos

One of the blessings of living in West Texas is the Mexican food. Our town isn't huge, but it's filled with family-owned Mexican restaurants. So if you love Mexican food the way I do, that makes Abilene a great place to live.

Our favorite restaurant is Los Arcos. You can sort people in our town by which Mexican restaurant is their "go to" restaurant. We have friends who are Oscar's people and friends who are Mary's people or Farolito's people and so on. We're Los Arcos people. For almost twenty years Jana, the boys and I have eaten at Los Arcos. So many times I don't even open the menu. I get #14, the Los Arcos plate. Two enchiladas, a beef taco, and rice and beans. And I love the Los Arcos salsa--great flavor, on the hot side, and lots of it--always distinctively served in mason jars. 

Starting with rice and beans when they were little, Brenden and Aidan grew up to love Mexican food at Los Arcos.

All that to say, it's been a sad week at the Beck house. Los Arcos had a fire Monday night that destroyed the restaurant. News reports say that the Castro family plan to rebuild, but that will take awhile. It's sad because the Castro's had put so much into the building over the years, renovating and expanding. And we're also sad for all the wonderful service staff, the kind people who took care of us over the years.

It's a weird feeling. Soon the family and I will want to go out to get some Mexican food. But we'll sit in the car for a few minutes having no idea where to go.

And wherever we go we'll fear it will never be the same.

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